At Dashblu, we decided to provide a great quality wireless earphone set at an affordable price. What you have here is the latest Bluetooth technology carved into a stylish design!

We provide 4 different colors:

So, combine style flexibility plus quality sound and you’ve got these really light earbuds.

Jumping jacks, headbanging, etc….. we tried to make them fall and we didn’t success! That makes them ideal for running or going to the gym.

We’ve also tried them around the house. Leave your phone on the table and and it will work up to 30 feet away (Bluetooth will not go through walls too well).

Even gardening. Leave your phone on the patio and work around the garden listening to your favorite music or making phone call (integrated mic) and maximize your time.

Dashblu are sweat proof, so you can jogging and working out without fear of breaking them. Just don’t go swimming with them.

One advantage these headphones have is the feeling of wearing nothing on your head. They are so light and not cumbersome at all.

We invite you to look at the pictures of our earbuds. Just click on the picture you like and take a look at them. We also have pictures of what is included in each package. By the way, we include extra ear fins of different sizes in each package. Everybody have different ears so we wanted to make sure that it would fit you.

Also, we’re pretty sure you’ll like the earbuds but let’s say you don’t, we have this policy that you have 1 year to return them if you’re not satisfied.

Take a look at the specifications and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Dashblu Team